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Who we are and our services..

We are a father and son team who have more than 15 years experience in providing safari services to the visitors of Yala National Park, Sri Lanka. Our very satified clientele include wildlife enthusiasts, photographers, ornithologists, and of course; the families on tour. We provide the best services you can find as our honoured customers- be it a wish to see the famous Yala Leopards, to have a close encounter with a wild elephant or the breathtaking views of sweeping beaches of Patanangala, we are at your service and satisfaction guaranteed !!


What our customers say about us

I am a freelance wildlife photographer and in my line of business you rely on having an excellent tracker and driver to find your animals and birds and know their names, I can highly recommend Sumudu who has excellent knowledge of all the wildlife in Yala reserve I chose him on the recommendations from local Sri Lankans friends he is also good company to be with that is why I used him again this year 2013 for the second time and will for future visits. (Mic Clark - UK )



I visited Sri Lanka in July/August 2011 in order to do some voluntary work in Galle. I knew I had a free weekend and so I looked into doing a jeep safari in Yala before leaving my country of residence. I came across Sugathe's Yala Jeep Safaris thanks to a google search and I have been most impressed with the service I have received from them ever since. (Emily Ray - UK)


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