Sugathe’s Yala Jeep Safaris

Who we are and our services:

We are a father and son team who have more than 15 years experience in providing safari services to the visitors of Yala National Park, Sri Lanka. Our very satified clientele include wildlife enthusiasts, photographers, ornithologists, and of course; the families on tour. We provide the best services you can find as our honoured customers- be it a wish to see the famous Yala Leopards, to have a close encounter with a wild elephant or the breathtaking views of sweeping beaches of Patanangala, we are at your service and satisfaction guaranteed !!

Dear Customer,

Sugathe’s Yala Jeep Safari website is offline for a few days for maintenance.

The Yala National Park is also closed till 08th October 2015.

If you would like to reserve a safari please contact us on the below :

  (+94) 776732858
  (+94) 779173739
  (+94) 716567692
  (+94) 472239235
  International Callers – please note that the Sri Lanka country code is +94
  Callers from Sri Lanka should add a zero before the first digit of the telephone number (e.g. 0776732858)

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